Chimpanzees are found in Nyungwe forest and the neighboring Cyamudongo forest. Chimpanzee permits can be bought at the ORTPN offices. Nyungwe has a number of forest trails. Accommodation is available in the park at the luxurious Nyungwe forest lodge and the basic ORTPN Gisakura guest house. The drive from Kigali lasts up to 6 hours by road therefore it’s advisable to spend a night in Nyungwe prior to your 5803114623_3b30669547_zprimate walk.

Nyungwe forest is primarily a habitat to endangered IUCN list primates like the chimpanzee, Angolan colobus, Rwenzori colobus, Silver monkey, Dent’s Mona monkey, golden monkey, Owl faced monkey, red tailed monkey, crowned monkey, Vervet monkey, Olive baboon, Grey-cheeked mangabey. Resident nocturnal primates include bush babies and pottos