A holiday in Rwanda offers a great chance to experience its beauty and rich culture which is a spice to the country’s magnificent hills, wildlife, Primates and Mountain Gorillas. Rwanda’s culture and traditions have such a flavor to allure visitors to experience the fullness of Rwanda from the day to day life style, Unique itore traditional dance, the friendly people. Rwanda Cultural tours focus on engaging the visitors to participate in Rwanda’s traditional cultural activities like the itore dance, preparing and tasting local dishes, traditional fishing, visiting local markets, visiting the traditional sites like the Kings palace in Butare where the king lived and where his beautiful and historical palace present to date. All this blended with wildlife or gorillas tracking, you will realize how beautiful it can be to take such a trip that not only impacts the conversation of the wildlife but also contributes to the local communities.



King’s Royal Palace – the royal Palace of King Mutara III Rudahigwa is situated at Rukari in Nyanza district which the capital of the Rwanda kingdom from 1958- 1962. The kings palace is now called Rwesero Art musuem , a cultural tour to this place will reward you with historic information about Kingdom of Mutara III , the people, culture, ways of living, economic and political organisation of the society.

Iby’ lwacu cultural village – A visit to this village introduces you to the Ibyiwacu Drummers, opens you to the unique culture of Rwandese through their daily life and knowledge of the environment, poetry, folklores, dancing, singing, pottery and the theoretical hunt gathering skills.

Ethno Botany Tour  with traditional Healers in Musanze. On this trip you will get to visit the local pharmacy, see people under treatment and get to learn about the different herbs that are used as medicine

ibyiwachu-cultural-villageBanana & Sorghum Beer Production Experience -Some of the staple foods in Rwanda are Banana and sorghum which are used in different ways as food, to make local beer and dilute drinks. A visit to these places is rewarding as you get to know how to make the local beer, taste it, and much more.

Musanze Village Walks-Enjoy the market walk and later sit with the Rwandese women who will teach you how to make traditional foods, how to serve the food and much more. You will get involved in whole process from the starting point, to cooking, serving and eating.

National Museum –  The National Museum is located in Butare. Butare is about 135 km from Kigali. This museum has a lot to offer culture ways. You can do a day visit, or while visiting Nyungwe forest, you can make it a stopover point

Nyamirambo Muslim quarter- To get to know more about the Arab influence in Rwanda, you will have to visit the Muslim quarter of Nyamirambo. It will introduce you to the city’s most multi-cultural suburb, the sights, sounds and smells of Rwanda. You will pay some of the homes a visit, visit the tailors, hair salons and see how things are done in this area. It’s a very good experience as life here is lived in a very different way.

Cards for Africa workshop – If you like adventure and getting involved in different things while on holiday, then you shouldn’t miss out on the This Fair trade Organisation that offers the fascinating chance to watch how paper is made, and view the complete range of products they make and even purchase some. It is a good stopover while from or to the airport

Craft Shops around Kigalitarditional-bottles-rwanda

•lshyo Arts Centre, operates locally and internationally bringing musicians, dancers, actors, and other artists together to make culture available to everyone.

•Rwanda Nziza, which is also well known as The Rwandan Fair Trade Artist’s Association, offers a diversity of quality products that are copiously Rwandan. Every product comes with a member profile, a narrative of the product and its cultural significance.

•lvuka Arts Kigali is a local group of reputable artists who introduce Rwandan modern-day art by discovering and developing young talent.

•Caplaki Handicrafts Co-operative, near the Cercle Sportif is a good cultural place to visit.

Other cultural places of interest are CAPLAKI Craft Village, lnganzo Gallery, African Gift Corner, ATRAC Craft Village, Uburanga Art Studio, Kimironko market, the Gakinjiro market and the Nyabugogo market, which are good craft markets.


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