The opportunity to track mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcano park is such an amazing wildlife experience regarded by most travelers as the highlight of any safari to Africa.  To inspire you, we have crafted customizable itineraries to help you plan a gorilla safari , spend some time with these endangered gentle giants in the wild.

With over 880 mountain gorillas left in the world, Uganda and Rwanda  habour the largest population of these species however the gorilla groups in Virungas are easier to access than those living in Uganda’s impenetrable rain forest of Bwindi. Embark on a 3 hour drive from Kigali to the volcanoes , check in your lodge for dinner and overnight stay.  Tracking the gorillas begins the next day, it takes a lot of effort as the bushes are thick with stinging nettles and steep slippery slopes and that’s why its always advisable to carry 4 bottles of water , a rain coat and rubber boots.  You will enjoy a full hour in the midst of the gorillas taking pictures (no flash) and observing their way of living, feeding and resting.