Lake Kivu  is a gorgeous fresh water lake, one of the  African great lakes enclosed by terraced hills along the Rwanda- Congo border in the albertine rift on the western branch of the East African rift valley Lake Kivu whose name locally means lake is very deep lake mainly because of the volcanic activity that takes place in this lake, its estimated to be about  480 meters deep and covers a total surface area of up to 2700 square kilometers. The lake has been recently found to contain dissolved methane gas at a depth of 300 metres used  extracted on small scale used to run boilers at the Bralirwa brewery but most recently in 2011 the government has stepped in to increase scale of exploitation in producing methane from Lake Kivu by contracting US based energy company called Contour Global.

lake-kivuLake Kivu is a popular safari destination with  beautiful inland islands like Idjwi  , ranked tenth in the world’s largest inland islands . Fishing is evident on this lake which has attracted local people to settle near its shores hence development of towns like Gisenyi, Kibuye & Cyangungu in Rwanda with top native fish species like Barbus, Nile Tilapia, Haplochromis and Clarias

Boat rides,  Sun bathing, Fishing, Speed boat cruises, Canoe sailing  and Picnics top the list of things to do while in the shore towns of Lake Kivu