What mainly distinguishes Uganda from any other reorganized African safari destination is rather simply its relatively high proportion of closed canopy forests. This embraces Afro-montane forest such as that found on Mount Elgon, which has strong resemblances to similar habitations as that found on Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya as well as the likes of Semliki National Park. Uganda therefore harbors a wide variety of vertebrates and other species that are absent elsewhere in Africa. The accessibility of Uganda’s major forest compared to west Africa’s and other countries makes it an unbeatable destination for viewing the African forest creatures from gorillas and the chimpanzees to a colorful assortment of butterflies and birds in their natural habitat.

A striking aspect of Ugandan landscape, with exception of the semi desert and dry acacia woodland of the further north, is its relatively moist climate. You are good to have the best of your stay in the moist and comfortable climate in Africa, while on your stay to Uganda. A high precipitation level makes the countryside greener and fertile than else where in Africa; enjoy the best of this with your scenic tour to western Uganda through the rolling hills. Most of Uganda’s fresh water bodies lay on the borders of Uganda extends your trip to our neighboring countries, we shall be glad to travel with you.Abacus Vacations will frequently refer to your preferred highlight from the list of the gazette conservation areas which embrace ten national parks, several other wildlife reserves and forest reserves, not leaving out the attractive details of every point on every destination.

Abacus Vacations organizes tours to the best safari destinations in Uganda including Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla Parks, Queen Elizabeth, Kibaale, Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, and Lake Mburo NationalParks. Below are featured Uganda safari packages- Have a look through our suggested Uganda safari itinerarie, get inspired and let us know exactly what to do and where you want to go while in Uganda.