Uganda proudly possesses more than half of the world’s surviving mountain gorilla population. The drive from Kampala to Bwindi at a safe speed can last up to 10 hours. An enroute stop over is therefore advisable for travelers that have more time on their hands; since long drives can be quite unbearable. mountain-gorilla

Gorilla tracking is possible in both Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks.  However gorilla permits in Mgahinga are bought at the national park since the gorillas in this particular location are quite unpredictable and at times migrate to Rwanda. In Bwindi on the other hand, gorillas are tracked all year round. July to August are normally very busy months with permits harder to access during these periods.
Gorilla permits are issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). For interested buyers contact the UWA headquarters or even better a local tour operator for a tailor made safari package.
Tracking starts at the Buhoma park headquarters at 8:00am. An armed park ranger will led you into the forest to the point where the gorillas were left the previous day. You are only allowed an hour with the gorillas to avoid stressing them. A maximum number of 8 people are allowed access to a particular gorilla group daily. It can take in between 1 – 6 hours to locate the gorillas thus the trek can be quite strenuous at times.  Its advisable to carry light rain gear since it does rain unexpectedly in Bwindi at times being a rain forest. Only none flash cameras are advised to avoid scaring the apes.

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