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Rwanda Safaris -About us- Gorilla Trekking Eco Company.

Rwanda Safaris  is a local safari company since 2018 tailoring and leading private & small group tours and safaris to Rwanda with key inspiration being gorilla trekking!

We are a local Eco safari company based in Kigali in Rwanda, specializing in organizing gorilla tours in Rwanda & Congo . We are one of the best Rwanda Safari operators and our specialty is organizing adventurous trips for all those interested in watching the gorillas in their natural habitat.

In today’s digital world, too many people are living vicariously through others. We believe in letting the traveler imagination run wild on what is possible on our beautiful planet and then making it happen for them. Sit back and enjoy the journey as primate Safari Experiences  plans the best Africa gorilla safari, Chimpanzee Tracking, Wildlife watching.


Our experienced tour guides and customer service team give our travelers the confidence to make plans knowing that their expectations will be met and that the fees we charge reflect the exceptional quality of tours and the experience provided on our trips. Most importantly, there are no hidden costs on any of our tours and, we have a transparent refund policy.

We are very confident the quality of our trips will meet your expectations and that you will enjoy the best possible travel experience. Should you be dissatisfied, we have a transparent cash-back policy.

Rwanda Safaris offers the best trips prices when you take into account our unique primate tours, itineraries, stunning locations, small groups and quality Tour Guides. This gives our travelers the security and peace of mind in knowing their travel plans are guaranteed. All our trips depart as scheduled.

Our  Mission

To create a life-changing safari experience that starts the moment you arrive in Africa for primate trekking expeditions.

Why Rwanda Safaris

Your travel should reflect you: individual, creative, and considered. Our rich expertise, a vast collection of on the ground partners, and friendly, personal service will open up the world in a way that is completely unique to you.

Rwanda Safaris has the required expertise in tailoring the most efficient & effective Africa primate tours to explore Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Congo for gorilla, chimpanzee & Golden monkey watching.

We offer free meet & greet services to all its clients that have booked their safaris through them or their partner companies based in their own countries. Enjoy the free stress moment at the airports.

What matters the most?

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to what’s important to you. We take the time to chat and connect with you – on the phone or in our friendly office – to create an itinerary that truly resonates with your passions.

Your travel partners throughout

We are with you at every step. Find out what happened when we asked Edward, the head of the reservations team for primate safaris, to see what it means to book with us or go it alone.

The people who make it happen

We offer first-hand knowledge about cultures that few operators know; a personal service that is created to let travellers’ imaginations flourish freely while they are away; and a trust which sees many clients return to us when they desire to travel strikes again.

Worlds apart when it comes to protecting the planet

We always put our planet first. Whether it is offsetting our flights, pioneering conservation projects or supporting women’s empowerment, we aim to leave a positive impact on everything that we touch.

All the latest from the travel world

Our nose for an innovative destination or experience is what truly sets us apart. Stay up to date on what’s new by receiving our bi-annual Primate Safaris magazine and monthly e-newsletters.

Moses Agaba

We’re passionate about Mountaineering

Rwanda Safaris is owned and managed by Rwandese, all of whom have a tremendous passion for Africa. We’re based in Kigali, one of East Africa’s most beautiful cities, and we have partners in Uganda, Congo.

Round-the-clock advice and support.

Our help and support doesn’t end once you’ve booked and paid. We’ll be there for you every step of the way. Your travel expert will make sure you have all the information and inspiration you need ahead of time and will be on hand to answer any questions you have. And, just in case anything doesn’t go as planned while you’re traveling, we’re on call 24/7.