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Golden Monkey

Golden monkeys in Rwanda- Rwanda Safaris

Golden monkeys are among the main primate species on the African continent that attract numerous people in countries like Uganda in Mgahinga national park, Rwanda in Volcanoes national park and Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga National park.

About the golden monkeys

Also known as the Old world – monkeys, Golden monkeys are restricted to the highland forests especially near the bamboo trees. These monkeys are known for having unique characters and rare species. The species are easily seen due to the yellow patches that are all over their bodies. Golden monkeys are greatly unique from the other monkeys since the nostrils of other monkeys are pointing to the sides while those of the golden monkeys are point upwards and these can easily be seen when they are closely looked as.

In Rwanda, the golden monkeys are mostly seen in Volcanoes national park which is positioned in the Virunga Mountains during golden monkey tracking experience.

Golden monkey tracking experience

After the gorilla trekking experience, golden monkey tracking experience is the second done in the rainforests of Volcanoes national park. The experience attracts a number of travelers to the land of thousand hills – Rwanda since it gives them a chance to enjoy and explore these unique creatures as the swing and play on the bamboo trees in the park. You will also enjoy their daily lifestyles like; feeding and also how they live their other ways. The park organizes only one session per day and this starts in the morning. The trekkers are supposed to report at the park headquarters by 7:00am for the briefing about the golden monkey experience.

Golden monkeys in the Republic of Rwanda are divided into two troops where the largest contains 80 to 100 monkeys and it is located in Sabyinyo and this is the most visited troop in the country followed by that in Volcanoes.

Cost of Golden monkey tracking experience in Rwanda

For one to take part in the monkey tracking experience, he or she must purchase a permit at $100. The golden monkey tracking permit can be obtained from Rwanda Development Board or any licensed and trusted tour operator.

Points to note while on a Golden Monkey trek experience

  • Photographs are allowed in case flashes are not on
  • Carry some drinking water and snacks to help you out during the hike
  • Long sleeved shirt and trousers
  • Carry a rain jacket which will help out in case of weather changes.
  • Carry hiking shoes

Best time to track the golden monkeys

Golden monkeys can be tracked throughout the year but the perfect time is during the dry season which takes place in the months of June to August and December to February. This makes it easier for one to move since the forest trails are dry and less slippery thus making the chance of golden monkey viewing high.

Besides gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking experiences, there is a variety of safari activities which one can do while on a safari in Volcanoes national park. Among these activities include; mountain hiking, a tour to the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera, and also visiting the grave of the primatologist called Dian Fossey.