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Tips for Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Mountain gorillas Considered a specie that has succumbed to extinction decades ago in the Greater Virunga massif of East and west Africa, wildlife enthusiastic tourists now coming to spend their holiday here define their time spent with Mountain Gorillas of Uganda,Rwanda and D.R.Congo to be the most quite rewarding,humbling and emotionally true wildlife trail  ever.

Mountain gorilla encounters at no doubt are one major highlight of the Greatest wildlife trail but sadly there are fewer than 1,000 healthy populations of these Great Apes available for the whole Planet and such numbers are confined in the identified three African countries of Uganda,Rwanda and D.R.Congo. This is why every wildlife tourist interested in Mountain Gorilla encounter on the trip must step in the African continent, as regards to other tours advance preparation is essential for realities. Having understood the power of information sharing for the last decades when it comes to effective Mountain gorilla trekking,we have formulated  these tips identified in here and can be categorized into three major components.

Through our responsible travel planning, i can say that your mountain gorilla trekking time is inspired at the very first time you hear about it. People start to save even at childhood, as teens and finally come for Gorilla tours in Africa at older ages or even celebrating special events in their life like Birthdays and marriages. Such efforts cannot be underrated, this follows contacting an operator of their choice to whom they will feel comfortable together in Africa.

Gorilla tours is a whole experience which must not lack a thing from the time of your first opening convo for your trip inquiry to a tour operator until the activity is finally done.These gorilla facts can passed out to enthusiastic wildlife tourists interested in Mountain gorilla trekking during their course of the booking process before stepping in the land, while here they need to ask all the questions expecting answers in return, on the day of their trekking from their safari guides, conservation rangers and wardens and even after their trekking and have returned back the trekking continues.

Tourists need to keep informed about the family of the mountain gorilla they visited, their daily behaviors plus what else happens in such an eco-system.This is what i can define as a mountain gorilla trekking experience, it needs to be valued beyond the one hour spent inside the tropical rain forests with mountain gorillas and 600$ note paid.It must be along time life responsible collaborative process where all the stake holders come together to share information and responsibility in the names of conservation of wildlife, their habitats, people and cultures.We hope you will enjoy reading more.

Mountain gorilla tips Tourists need to understand during their Itinerary planning and designing: I cant fail to mention that more information about Mountain gorillas are available in various forms of manual and electronic storage for the general public.However some domains that talk about this tourist activity of mountain gorilla trekking includes travel journals,magazines, trip reports and travel reviews, guide articles and other forms of online information storage like travel websites and bloggers. But the puzzle remains for you to choose perhaps what is right from the more available sources of information,through decades of client communications and reservations i came to find out how easily tourists are being misled and contacting aground local operator is one of their best ways to be relived from planning fear.

In one of my reservation experience i had ever answered a question where a client was frustrated about talking to Mountain Gorillas, was interested to know what can be done in case Mountain gorillas talk and call them and emphasized they got this information from colleagues. They couldn’t believe my words until here and Mountain Gorillas didn’t talk to them and i earned myself a credit! You know this is why we are available, from your first step of receiving your reservation email an officer at Instinct safaris earns a salary to avail you with accurate and timely information.

From the first time of your clientele communication throughout all stages of planning your mountain gorilla trekking experience, the conversation needs to be focused on answering any query about you and your expectations as you prepare for this activity hence relieving fear from you as a tourist to the Gorilla lands. Tourists need to open up about their interests, fitness,their healthy concern, and an operator will advise in relation to the ground environment by telling them about weather, the nature of the tracking trails and some recommended health travel tips and vaccination.

When it comes to planning your Mountain Gorilla trip nothing needs to be a hindrance once a perfect solution has been thought, we have ever had adults above 80 on treks and this was a result of adequate advance preparation where certain healthy habits were encouraged to the tourist in advance. A distinguished local operator of-course will do all these while trusting his knowledge of the industry and experiences to deliver the best by talking facts and reality about this mountain gorilla tracking activity.The challenge is that more don’t bother caring to handle it this way,even by the time of your safari booking, they emphasize the guide will let you know more and in most cases the guide will leave this job to wildlife conservation rangers who in turn will handle the general safety briefing part of it for the day and lots of info are left out,keep watch of your operator next time you’re to book. We believe a trip to Africa is another area to learn, discover, do, interact and immerse yourself.

Mountain gorilla trekking tips on the tracking day/ During the trekking:

Fully charge your Cameras. You are out there to have an amazing experience meaning you probably have to write memorable experience in a recording. Always try and move with fully charged cameras or camcorders to record yourself while carrying out Gorilla Tracking in Uganda. Some tourists run out of battery and miss out on recording lifetime occurrences. Try and move with two cameras if possible.

Wear High and Strong boots. The forests are quite rough and you will need to wear extremely high and strong leather boots to avoid easily getting pricked during the Gorilla Tracking activity. If you can buy this essential gorilla trekking gear before embarking on your trip then the better else you will have to hire them from the national parks and return them immediately after your activity.

Wear the right clothes.No doubt you have to dress well. Strong trousers like jeans or tracking pants and long sleeved shirts are highly recommended. You are also advised to wear a hat and carry a rain coat with you to protect you from rain in case it falls since it’s hard to take shelter while in the forest depending on the spots you might be in. Gorilla trekking gears are usually placed at respective parks for hire in case you lack any.

Secure Gorilla Tracking permits early.Gorilla Tracking is so far one of the most carried out tourism activities in Uganda with almost each and every tourist opting for it. This means the competition is quite high and it becomes hard to secure Gorilla Tracking permits days to your tour though it’s possible in some cases especially during the low season. You need a Uganda gorilla trekking permit before embarking on the activity. The permits have to be secured early enough especially in the peak season (June to September and December to January).

Hit your chest with one hand to greet Mountain Gorillas.Try to interact with the Uganda mountain gorillas by hitting your chest with one hand. This is a sign of a warming welcome and a greeting to them. In most cases they will do the same to you but always try to keep a distance in between while doing this, avoid getting too close to Mountain Gorillas.

Be attentive during Pre-briefing.Before embarking on the Uganda gorilla tracking experience, there is always pre-briefing at the start point usually very early in the morning. During this pre-briefing session you will be informed with the precautions you have to take whilst Gorilla trekking in Uganda. Always try to be attentive and don’t hesitate to ask any questions in case you want to find out about anything.

Open up about your Fitness.The mountain gorilla trekking Uganda experience is quite tiresome especially if you lag behind fitness. Gorilla Tracking is a very physical activity that requires a certain level of fitness. For this reason, always try and open up about your fitness so that you get assigned to a group that matches you fitness. Teaming up with tourists that are more fit than you might make you tire out quickly, it’s always good to move with a group that will match your pace.

Enjoy Gorilla Tracking. Very few will tell you this, You are here to visit gorillas in Uganda and we organize the biggest portion of your trip implicating the rest is left to you. When you are out there tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda, make sure you make the most out of the activity by enjoying every moment of it. Try and have fun, take stunning photographs, ask the game rangers questions and challenge yourself more.

Mountain gorilla tips tourists need to understand during their Pre-trekking days:

During the pre-trek period,here i mean few days before time into the forest and tourists need to pay much attention to these days. Still i will consider the knowledge of your tour planner quite important,usually it’s not a good suggestion to include a bulky and quite vigorous activity for the day before Gorilla tracking. As we come closer to your tracking day, we need to slow down an itinerary alittle,this is for you to regenerate that required ability to manage your slopes and climbs involved while trekking to the gorillas.

But never the less,some tourists have been known to request for all days activeness mostly the youth age brackets. From doing the whole day Bwindi walk via Ivi ridge from Northern Bohoma to Nkuringo sector in the south,one is up to track the gorillas the next morning. However every tourist must mind about his or her pre-tracking days to the gorillas.

Possibly someone will understand what am meaning in here? After decades of helping tourists plan and leading them to Mountain gorilla trekking experiences as well, i came to know how hurtful it can be to miss this lifetime activity on your tour and yet have been preparing and finally booked now you’re physically available for it. Imagine what can happen if your tracking day is scheduled tomorrow and the day before you’re in the Mountains of Rwenzoris, not only being there but you have got a knee injury and can’t do the walking necessary for the morning trek?

What about the food you ate last night at ahotel that caused you to have that stomach boil? Then a backache because you didn’t get enough proper sleep because you have spent the last overnight in your mobile tent.What about the distances involved for the drive in the morning to the trekking destination where your safari vehicle breaks 30 minutes before you arrive?

All these are disastrous to a lifetime dream trip and that’s why we advise our clients accordingly when it comes to core activities of their tour with us. On your way to the gorilla lands, you’re encourages to spend an overnight closer to the forests in a distance which cannot be longer than 1 hrs of driving in the morning, eat well and balanced diet for the energy you need, make sure you sleep well and this doesn’t need to be only for luxury and medium clients but even budget hotels have the concept of comfortability and your operator will be able to tell you.Always have an experienced safari guide to escort your trip and emphasise travelling in a 4×4 customized safari vehicle be it a land cruiser or a land rover defender will do you a trick.We hope you’re helped with this information and in case of booking a safari with us today and we shall organize for you an exceptional experience.Karibu!